Parents win $2.9M for wrongful birth and Marty’s milk jug

A couple was suing a health center for ‘wrongful birth’ after a prenatal test intended to pick up whether a fetus has Down syndrome failed – and their daughter was born with the condition.
Ariel and Deborah Levy won their “wrongful birth” suit against Legacy Health System, arguing they chose to continue their pregnancy based on what doctors told them.  According to the Daily Mail, the Levy parents from Portland, Oregon, who have two other children, said in the lawsuit they would have aborted their daughter Kalanit – who is now four – if they had known she had Down Syndrome. Attorneys for the defense claimed Legacy followed correct procedures and noted the test did not reveal a problem becuase it was mosaic Down Syndrome meaning a significant number of  cells do not contain an extra 21st chromosome.. Studies suggest that more than 89 per cent of women choose to abort a fetus with Down Syndrome.
There should have been strings attached to the award  to protect Kalanit with the 2.9 million put in a trust for her.  It seems ironic that the parents received all that money for a child they would have aborted. I am stunned that 89% of Down Syndrome fetuses are aborted–they do not know the blessings they are missing!

I can understand Kalanit’s  parents were worried about  the costs for their child’s needs.  I worry about expenses for my grandson with Down Syndrome too.  The only money I am collecting though is in a glass milk bottle on my kitchen counter where I store all my change for him–it is all I can afford.  I wish I could do more!

About Poetry Road/Marty Goes to Mars

Poetry storage, genealogy research and tribute to my grandson with Down Syndrome . Creativity is my outlet--expressions in acrylics, accomplished quilter , doll maker and writer. Please visit my shop sites. Thank you for stopping in!
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